We’ve Been There

You’re in charge and the one people are counting on. It is time to start fundraising. We’ve been in your shoes and it is not easy. 

Our team has helped raise money for sports, classrooms, nonprofits, youth clubs, animal rescues and many other great causes. You might say we’re motivated by community.

The activities in front of you are many. Planning events, managing people, counting cash, consolidating results and reporting. You’re busy. Who has time for it?

Fundraisn is created for you by people like you.

It guides and helps you through the whole process. This includes planning, promoting, hosting, managing your team and even the reconciliation of your fundraising events. You will be raising money securely and easily in no time.

To top it off, we do it with a focus on community and the businesses in your area.

We’ve got you covered. Let’s get started.

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Start Fundraising

Easy to Use

Designed with you in mind. Easy to use with the power you need.

Fundraising Ideas
No matter your event, Fundraisn has the tools to help you achieve your money goals.

Secure & Social

Create a secure campaign and easily promote it to friends & family.

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Sharing your fundraising event is made easy with our social media plugins.

Marketplace & Community Impact

Local restaurant, product and service providers are here to help you achieve your goals while you support business in your community.

Food events are a great way to bond, raise money and have a memorable time supporting local business.

Ditch the Spreadsheet

Easily manage cash and reporting automatically across events and team members.

Fundraising Tracking
Fundraisn makes reporting and reconciliation automatic. Just think! No more math!
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Energized by Community

We are motivated by community, including yours. Fundraisn supports local business by providing restaurants, product and service providers a platform to help you with your fundraising needs.

Organized food events, selling products and local services are great ways to raise money.  When you use providers in your area, it strengthens community and helps to keep money local.

You raise the money you need while supporting those businesses that are so critical to your area.

We see it as a win-win!

Check out the community partners in your area and get start fundraising for the money you need!

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